Happy 5 Birthday, ejabberd!

Alexey Shchepin started ejabberd the 16th November of 2002. So, ejabberd is 5 years old. Happy birthday, ejabberd! :)

To celebrate the anniversary, I invite you to take a brief look back to ejabberd history for the last 5 years.

ejabberd infancy

The first commit to ejabberd's CVS had only those files:


The TODO file in 30 November 2002 said:

iq plugins
services support

S2S was committed 6th December 2002.

mod_disco was committed on the 1st January 2003. At that time XEP-0030: Service Discovery was still experimental, in the version 0.11.

The next day, that is 2nd January 2003, Alexey committed mod_vcard. Three days later: mod_offline. The next day: translation support and the Russian translation. Two months later (23 March 2003): mod_muc. Four months later (July 2003): mod_pubsub. Eight months later (March 2004) the Web Administration.

Acknowledgments in the ChangeLog

The first credited acknowledgment in the ChangeLog is in June 2003 to Vincent Ricard for the French translation. The next credit is the next month, to Sergei Golovan for the NSIS installer script. Later follows many more: Marshall T. Rose, Justin Karneges, ...

After careful inspection of the ChangeLog, there were some interesting coincidences:

Currently the ejabberd's ChangeLog acknowledges 60 different people. This is the full list: Andrew Smyk, Andrey Zamaraev, Andrzej Smyk, Andy Turner, Anton Vanin, asdx, AV, Badlop, Balabanov Dmitry, Brian Campbell, Carlos E. Lopez, Etan Reisner, Evgeniy Khramtsov, Felipe Brito Vasconcellos, Geoff Cant, iceburn, Igor Goryachev, Jacek Konieczny, Jean-Sebastien Pedron, Juraj Michalek, Justin Karneges, Karl-Johan Karlsson, Leif Johansson, Luca Brivio, Lucius Curado, Magnus Henoch, Marina Hahn, Marshall T. Rose, Martijn van Beers, Martin Pokorny, Marvin Preuss, Massimiliano Mirra, Maxim Ryazanov, Michael Scherer, Milos Svasek, Nikolaus Polak, Oleg Palij, Oleg V. Motienko, Patrick Dreker, qu1j0t3, Renato Botelho, Sander Devrieze, Sergei Golovan, Shelley Shyan, SkLUG, Stefan de Konink, Tomas Janousek, Tomasz Sterna, Tony Finch, Torsten Werner, usercard, Vicent Alberola, Victor Hugo dos Santos, Vincent Ricard, Vladimir Kulev, and Zbyszek Zolkiewski.

More information in the ChangeLog and the Credits page

Final comments

There is more funny stuff in the Nostalgia page, including copies of the original ejabberd website of November 2003, initial ejabberd logo... You can also read a brief history of ejabberd.

Addendum: Yozhik, the hedgehog in the fog

Did you know why ejabberd's mascot is a hedgehog? As explained by Anastasia Gornostaeva, "ej" sounds like "yozh" when read by a Russian speaker, and "yozhik" means little hedgehog (a kid).

'Ёжик в тума́не' is an animated short film by Yuriy Norshteyn from 1975. It uses a particular animation technique. The little Hedgehog visits his friend the Bear in the evening; but he gets lost in the fog, alone, in the dark... Wikipedia article: Hedgehog in the Fog. IMDB page: Yozhik v tumane.

You can see the full film in the original Russian language with English subtitles:

This film is popular in the ex-USSR countries, in the animation festivals and among animation fans; but probably you didn't know it existed until now. Probably like Erlang/OTP. Yet another gem that we discovered thanks to ejabberd, do you agree?

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