Video: 6 years of ejabberd code in 3 minutes

To celebrate that ejabberd turns 6 years old, I've prepared a video that shows the history or ejabberd trunk SVN during those years: authors, acknowledgments, type of files, dates and releases. The video was built with code_swarm.

Download ejabberd-6-years-code.avi (12.5 MB) from: Notes:
  • Alexey Shchepin used two nicknames in SVN: alexey and aleksey.
  • The video has 2 frames per day and 24 frames per second. So the time speed is 12 days per second.
  • ejabberd_modules SVN repository is not included. ejabberd SVN branches are not included.
  • The color of some acknowledgments may not be accurate if the SVN commit contained acknowledgments of different colors

For more ejabberd history, check last year's page.

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