If you like to chat about ejabberd (administration questions, development help, or jibber jabber), you can always join the ejabberd chatroom:

  • Room: ejabberd
  • Service:

Logs: 26 October 2004 - 09 May 2006 / 30 May 2005 - 03 October 2006 / 21 April 2006 - Today

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jmc-0.2.3.tar.gz no link


When I try and download the jabber mail component from
The link does not exist...

I am following your howto so I thought I'd let you know.


JMC has moved


JMC has now moved to
You can find the source package here:


how to join with gaim

Clicking the link directly didn't work using firefox & gaim under windows. Joining the chat room manually is quite straight forward but takes a little working out, so here are the steps recreated:

1) Add a new account and set the following options:
* Protocol = Jabber;
* Screen name = your user name (e.g. dexis) ;
* Server =;
* Password = your password.

2) Click register. If your user name is unique your registration should be successful.

3) Once you've connected, select Tools->Room List from the menu bar.

4) Select your account from the drop-down list if it's not already selected and click [Get List].

5) The dialogue that appears should suggest a conference server of "" to query by default. Click [Find Rooms] and find ejabberd on the list.

6) Select the row and then click [Join] and you should now be in the ejabberd room.

Sales contact


I am trying to get contact details for the sales department/person for ejabberd,
anyone know what the phone number is ?


Sales contact


Could you contact me by mail or Jabber to initiate the discussion ( for both mail and Jabber).

Thank you,

Mickaël Rémond

Massive eJabberD Implementation


We are going to do what might be the largest jabber implementation ever within the next 3 months with targeted simultaneous users in the hundreds of thousands. I am the CTO of a startup in the United States and I like very much the feature set I see in eJabberd.

I would like to get in touch with Alexey Shchepin to discuss our plans and, if we choose ejabberd, to discuss support arrangements with the ejabberd team.

I can be reached at:

skype: the_original_janman

Apologies for posting this in public; however, I could not locate an email for Alexey Shchepin.

Thank you,

Jan Drake, CTO

I need to add an URL like

I need to add an URL like this (and test in Coccinella):


a bit shorter url for confere

a bit shorter url for conference logs:

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