Authenticate Against vpopmail

Name: check_vpopmail
Purpose: Authenticating against vpopmail
Author: Christoffer Soop
Type: Program
Download: Get it from the check_vpopmail SVN

Email sent by Christoffer Soop to the mailing list on September 2005:

If anybody is interested I have created a small C program "check_vpopmail" for external authentication against well, you guessed it - Vpopmail.

Although it does work for me it should be considered a beta since only the authentication part has been tested and no real effort has been made to make it work on other systems than mine.

This program comes with a two big caveats: I have not written a C program in ages and have no experience on setting up Makefiles AND automake properly. (In particular I am curios as how to set up library dependencies for a c-project in a good way...) Thus it is provided "as is" with absolutely no guarantees. If there proves to be an interest in the project I can set up a proper home page.

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