Credits for the People

A lot of people contribute to ejabberd. Thanks to those people, ejabberd is continually improving.

The following table tries to acknowledge all direct contributors. If you are one of those people that draw the future of ejabberd, feel free to add a comment to add or update your entry.

Besides direct, there are also indirect contributors to ejabberd including Erlang contributors, database projects, operating system builders, and in particular, all packagers who make or made installing ejabberd piece of cake on their system(s). Amongst them are Shaun Amott, Emmanuel Blindauer, Gustavo Felisberto, Younès Hafri, Daniel Henninger, Tony Vroon, Torsten Werner, Mikhail Yakshin, and probably many others.

And last, but not least, there are also several people who contributed patches, scripts, modules, amongst others which are not (yet) included in the mainstream ejabberd distribution. Their names will be listed here when their contribution becomes part of ejabberd.

Contributor Code Docs Bug Fixes Translations Other First/Last Activity
Jonas Ådahl SV 2005/2006
asdx yes 2007/2007
AV yes 2004/2004
Badlop yes yes yes ES Drupal, art work 2004/2007
Martijn van Beers yes 2005/2005
Renato Botelho PT-BR 2006/2006
Brian Campbell yes 2005/2005
Lucius Curado PT-BR 2006/2006
Sander Devrieze yes yes NL art work 2004/2007
Patrick Dreker DE 2005/2005
Mateusz Gajewski ? PL ?/2006
Sergei Golovan yes yes yes RU, UK 2003/2006
Anastasia Gornostaeva hosting, testing 2002/2006
Igor Goryachev yes 2006/2006
Michael Grigutsch yes 2005/2005
Marina Hahn DE 2004/2004
Magnus Henoch yes yes yes SV 2005/2006
Iceburn PT 2005/2005
Tomas Janousek yes 2005/2005
Leif Johansson yes yes 2004/2004
Karl-Johan Karlsson yes 2005/2005
Justin Karneges yes 2003/2003
Evgeniy Khramtsov yes yes yes 2006/2007
Jacek Konieczny yes 2004/2004
Stefan de Konink yes 2004/2004
Vladimir Kulev yes 2006/2006
Juraj Michalek SK 2006/2006
Massimiliano Mirra yes yes 2006/2007
Oleg V. Motienko yes 2003/2006
Jean-Sebastien Pedron yes 2006/2006
Vsevolod Pelipas art work 2002/2002
Nikolaus Polak DE 2006/2006
Marvin Preuss DE 2006/2006
Mickaël Rémond yes yes yes FR 2004/2006
Vincent Ricard FR 2003/2003
Christophe Romain yes yes yes 2006/2006
Marshall T. Rose yes 2003/2003
Maxim Ryazanov yes art work 2005/2005
Victor Hugo dos Santos PT-BR 2005/2005
Alexey Shchepin yes yes yes RU 2002/2006
Andrzej Smyk PL 2005/2006
Tomasz Sterna yes 2006/2006
Milos Svasek CS 2006/2006
Andy Turner yes 2006/2006
usercard UK 2004/2004
Anton Vanin yes 2004/2004
Felipe Brito Vasconcellos PT-BR 2005/2005
Torsten Werner DE 2005/2005
Andrey Zamaraev yes 2004/2004
Zbyszek Zolkiewski PL 2006/2006
Florian Zumbiehl yes 2005/2005



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