ejabberd - Comments for "Little Tricks" https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks en start will not recall?? https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-67850 <p>Hi I try the reload module function. I found that new function did work! But the module's load function doesn't re-call the start_link, start and init function. Due to there are some options inside the ejabberd.yml that I need to initial the module. Should I do something more to reload all module's option back? Or it just add it supervisor &amp; init automatically? </p> <p>Thank you~~</p> Tue, 20 Mar 2018 02:54:01 +0000 pernghh comment 67850 at https://www.ejabberd.im Changing loglevel without restart https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-65522 <p>If you need change loglevel for debug purposes without restart you can use ejabberdctl debug console.</p> <h3>For getting information about loglevel</h3> <pre> (ejabberd@utopia)1&gt; ejabberd_logger:get(). {3,warning,"Warning"} </pre><h3>For setting loglevel</h3> <pre> (ejabberd@utopia)2&gt; ejabberd_logger:set(4). {module,lager} </pre> Tue, 05 May 2015 22:39:36 +0000 wiro comment 65522 at https://www.ejabberd.im Use ejabberdctl debug to debug Already Running ejabberd Process https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-59436 <p>I can't find an "edit" button for this page, but:</p> <p>Attach an Erlang Shell to an Already Running ejabberd Process</p> <p>I couldn't get the suggested erl invocation to work, but I had success with the following command:</p> <pre> $ sudo ejabberdctl debug -------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: we will attempt to attach an INTERACTIVE shell to an already running ejabberd node. If an ERROR is printed, it means the connection was not successful. You can interact with the ejabberd node if you know how to use it. Please be extremely cautious with your actions, and exit immediately if you are not completely sure. To detach this shell from ejabberd, press: control+c, control+c -------------------------------------------------------------------- To bypass permanently this warning, add to ejabberdctl.cfg the line: EJABBERD_BYPASS_WARNINGS=true Press any key to continue Erlang R14A (erts-5.8) [source] [64-bit] [smp:2:2] [rq:2] [async-threads:0] [kernel-poll:true] Eshell V5.8 (abort with ^G) (ejabberd@hostname)1&gt; </pre> Mon, 04 Feb 2013 19:40:13 +0000 alsuren comment 59436 at https://www.ejabberd.im ejabberd user or erlang cookie https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-57046 <p>If a user attaching the shell differs from a user ejabberd is running as, -setcookie might be needed:</p> <pre>erl -sname node1 -setcookie $(cat /var/lib/ejabberd/.erlang.cookie) -remsh node2@machine2.example.org</pre> Mon, 07 Feb 2011 17:23:42 +0000 gvy comment 57046 at https://www.ejabberd.im When using the eJabberd Web interface https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-53949 <p>When using the eJabberd Web interface, restarting a module do not reload the new code (it only reloads the currently loaded module). Thus, to install a new freshly compiled version of a module, install it manually in eJabberd's ebin directory, use the Erlang console to reload it (i.e. by typing <code>l(mod_version).</code>) and use the Web console to restart the module.</p> Fri, 16 Jan 2009 09:16:56 +0000 vbarat comment 53949 at https://www.ejabberd.im On the reloading of modules https://www.ejabberd.im/tricks#comment-51953 <p>Note: c(mod_version). will reload the module, but will not call start/2 or stop/2. If you change your module's hooks, you'll need to do the following:</p> <ol> <li>Remove the beam file. Mine was located in /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin/mod_version.beam</li> <li>cd to the src directory</li> <li>Relaunch ejabberd</li> </ol> <p>Changes to any other function will get picked up if you run mod_version, so in practice this isn't a very big deal, but know this quirk exists.</p> Thu, 06 Mar 2008 19:36:01 +0000 Sean comment 51953 at https://www.ejabberd.im