ejabberd - Comments for "Error 405 while trying to login using user name and password" https://www.ejabberd.im/forum/29892/error-405-while-trying-login-using-user-name-and-password en Looking at your https://www.ejabberd.im/forum/29892/error-405-while-trying-login-using-user-name-and-password#comment-67863 <p>Looking at your configuration, you can register accounts with JabberIDs like <noindex><a href="mailto:user1@conference.abc.com.au" rel="nofollow" >user1@conference.abc.com.au</a></noindex></p> <p>Try to register an account like that, and try to login.</p> <p>Does this work? If not, try to use a well-known desktop client, like Psi or Gajim to login, maybe the problem is in your client code, or in the BOSH setting, or a misconfiguration between ejabberd and your client.</p> <p>If that works, then try to join a room called <noindex><a href="mailto:room1@muc.conference.abc.com.au" rel="nofollow" >room1@muc.conference.abc.com.au</a></noindex></p> Wed, 28 Mar 2018 11:29:46 +0000 badlop comment 67863 at https://www.ejabberd.im