ejabberd - Comments for "Install Jabber Mail Component (JMC)" https://www.ejabberd.im/jmc en Try using & at the end of the https://www.ejabberd.im/jmc#comment-53644 <p>--</p> Fri, 10 Oct 2008 11:30:53 +0000 jabber-me.de comment 53644 at https://www.ejabberd.im error jmc on ejabberd 2.0.0 https://www.ejabberd.im/jmc#comment-53643 <p>Hello!</p> <p>One of my user has got an error in his service discovery list for JMC. He registered an account with an @ symbol in his connection name. The result was an error like "JID malformed". Now he has got an entry in service discovery list with an red X. No roster entry was added and so he isn't able to disconnect/disable/delete that account.<br /> How can I delete that entry and how I can avoid such problems in future by banning that symbol in connection name?</p> <p>...Stephan</p> Thu, 09 Oct 2008 21:07:34 +0000 jabber-me.de comment 53643 at https://www.ejabberd.im To run it in a kind of https://www.ejabberd.im/jmc#comment-51680 <p>To run it in a kind of background mode try this :</p> <p>python jmc.py -c jmc.xml &amp;</p> Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:31:19 +0000 Maed comment 51680 at https://www.ejabberd.im How i can run JMC as daemon? https://www.ejabberd.im/jmc#comment-51242 <p>Hi,<br /> How i can run the JMC as daemon or in background mode?</p> <p>FreeBSD 6.1<br /> ejabberd 1.1.2<br /> jmc 2.3</p> Fri, 16 Nov 2007 14:43:31 +0000 diablo comment 51242 at https://www.ejabberd.im