ejabberd 1.1.2: Bugfixes, LDAP Improvements, and Microsoft SQL Server Support

A new major version of ejabberd has been released. The ejabberd team is proud to announce the immediate release of ejabberd 1.1.2 that adds numerous improvements to the high-performance XMPP-based instant messaging server.

Many thanks to all contributors who took part to this release!

This version will be the last of the 1.1 branch and we will now concentrate on integrating a broad range of new features in the 1.2 branch. We have exciting times ahead.

Most notable changes, besides those described in the ejabberd 1.1.2 release notes, include:

  • Improved LDAP module which is now more flexible and more robust.
  • Possibility to limit the number of opened connections for each user.
  • Fixed and improved HTTP polling module: connections will be closed properly and polled messages cannot be lost anymore.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is now officially supported in ODBC mode.
  • New binary installer for Windows including all requirements.
  • New Czech translation.


  • This release requires Erlang/OTP R9C-2 or higher. Erlang/OTP R10B-10 is recommended while Erlang/OTP R11B is not yet fully certified for ejabberd.
  • When upgrading an ODBC-based installation from ejabberd 1.1.1, check the ejabberd 1.1.2 release notes. When upgrading from ejabberd 0.9.8 or older, check the release notes of ejabberd 1.0.0.

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не могу подключиться с веб админис

установил сервер ejabberd на vista и пробывал на w2k3 но немогу зайти на http://dikvista:5280/admin немогу зайти и как создать пользователя ничего я так и не понял в мануале....

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