ejabberd 2.0.3 - Third bugfix release

There is a new bugfix release in the 2.0.x line: ejabberd 2.0.3 (announcement).

In the last five months a few bugs were found and fixed. As mentioned in the ejabberd 2.0.3 release notes, the main changes are:

  • Do not ask certificate for client (c2s)
  • Check digest-uri in SASL digest authentication
  • Use send timeout to avoid locking on gen_tcp:send
  • Fix ejabberd reconnection to database
  • HTTP-Bind: handle wrong order of packets
  • MUC: Improve traffic regulation management
  • PubSub: Several bugfixes and improvements for best coverage of XEP-0060 v1.12
  • Shared Roster Groups: push immediately membership changes
  • Rotate also sasl.log on "reopen-log" command
  • Binary Windows installer: better detect "Error running Post Install Script"

The source package and binary installers are in the download page.

If you are using ejabberd 2.0.0, 2.0.1 or 2.0.2, you surely want to update to this new 2.0.3.

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My eJabberd server has been

My eJabberd server has been crashing frequently tonight and i haven't been able to figure out why.

There is no CRASH entry in the eJabberd log file, and there is no ERL DUMP being generated. There is nothing in the Windows Application or System logs. I have only about 20-30 concurrent users and 1.5 gb free memory.

The Erl.exe process just stops running.

Any ideas?

Also, many of the users are in a single conference room for a large group chat. Could that be a problem? Is there a limit on the number of users per conference room?

Nevermind, the problem was

Nevermind, the problem was due to user account sessions ending on the server. Running as a system process fixed this.

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