ejabberd 2.0.4 - Fourth bugfix release (update)

Update 2: ejabberd 2.0.5 is released to solve the problem with subscriptions.

Update: ejabberd 2.0.4 had a problem with subscriptions. If you are affected, you can use ejabberd 2.0.3, apply a patch or install ejabberd 2.0.5. More details in Problematic ejabberd 2.0.4.

There is yet another bugfix release in the 2.0.x line: ejabberd 2.0.4 announcement.

In the last two months several bugs were reported and fixed in varied parts of ejabberd. As mentioned in the ejabberd 2.0.4 release notes, the changes are:

  • Ensure ID attribute in roster push is unique
  • Authentication: Fix Anonymous auth when enabled with broken ODBC
  • Authentication: Unquote correctly backslash in DIGEST-MD5 SASL responses
  • Authentication: Cancel presence subscriptions on account deletion
  • LDAP: Close a connection on tcp_error
  • LDAP: Implemented queue for pending queries
  • LDAP: On failure of LDAP connection, waiting is done on pending queue
  • MUC: Owner of a password protected room must also provide the password
  • MUC: Prevent XSS in MUC logs by linkifying only a few known protocols
  • Privacy rules: Items are now processed in the specified order
  • Privacy rules: Fix to correctly block subscription requests
  • Proxy65: If ip option is not defined, take an IP address of a local hostname
  • PubSub: Add roster subscription handling; send PEP events to all resources
  • PubSub: Allow node creation without configure item
  • PubSub: Requesting items on a node which exists, but empty returns an error
  • PEP: Fix sending notifications to other domains and s2s
  • S2S: Fix problem with encrypted connection to Gtalk and recent Openfire
  • S2S: Workaround to get DNS SRV lookup to work on Windows machine
  • Shared Roster Groups: Fix to not resend authorization request
  • WebAdmin: Fix encryption problem for ejabberd_http after timeout

The source package and binary installers are in the download page.

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2.0.5 works in freebsd-7.2 prerelease

http_file_server jwchat and Squid(for SSL).
I am hoping there is https_file_server so that we do not need Squid for SSL.
I never get luck with Apache ssl.

Example configuration

{listen, [
  {5282, ejabberd_http, [
                         {certfile, "/etc/ejabberd/ssl.pem"}, tls,
                         {request_handlers, [
                           {["jwchat"], mod_http_fileserver}

Yes! https file server works on FreeBSD 7.2 Prerelease

Appreciated !

Can you help me to make 5283, 5284, 5285, ... works with English, Russian, French, ... respectively?

Sorry, the other node's https won't work when I set up the first node's https on.
I have to change back to http for the second node.

Simple solution

Only one mod_http_fileserver can be running in a vhost. And the module can only serve one directory.

If you want to provide Jwchat in different languages, you can do this:

  1. Put jwchat english files in /var/www/jwchat/en/
    Put jwchat russian files in /var/www/jwchat/ru/
  2. Configure: {docroot, "/var/www/jwchat/"}
  3. Now tell your russian users to visit https://example.org:5282/jwchat/ru/index.html

thank you!

This is really a smart solution.

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