ejabberd 2.1.0-rc1 -- close to final

Three weeks after beta2, we now have ejabberd 2.1.0-rc1 for testing. You can download source tarball and binary installers for Linux (32 and 64 bits), Mac OS X (Intel), and Windows.

All the new features and improvements are described in the preliminary 2.1.0 release notes.

The changes between this release candidate and the previous beta2 are:

  • More PubSub fixes
  • BOSH module optimization and clean-up
  • S2S fixes
  • Translation updates: Japanese, Esperanto, Swedish
  • Support Zlib compression after STARTTLS encryption
  • Rename erlang log file sasl.log to erlang.log
  • Remove the word "END" of release_notes file because it seems unnecessary ;-)

Please test it and report problems here or in the ejabberd bug tracker.

If all is fine, ejabberd 2.1.0 final is expected for the end the next week.

Translators of previous ejabberd versions were already contacted directly. If you want to help in translating (existing or new language), please comment here.

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Is 2.1.0 close to being released?

It's been over a month now, and the original post said something about "end of next week".
Hope the devs haven't run into any problems.

The "end of next week" was

The "end of next week" was added by me in this newspost, by looking at the number of open tickets. Obviously my prediction has failed a lot.

In any case, there isn't any big problem, just several important patches that need review before commit. Yes, it's close to release (as it was before), but this time I will not predict any date ;)

Windows installer & docs bugs

I've just abandoned OpenFire, which I'd chosen for its easy set up and minimal dependencies. ejabberd can claim the same, assuming you fix the following issues ;-)

Windows Installer v2.1.0-rc1 on Win XP:

1) If you select an install directory with the folder UI, the installer does not create a new ejabberd directory therein -- the expected behavior. It should provide separate inputs to set the ejabberd directory name, and choose its parent directory.

2) The installer reports "Error Running Post Install Script" after a wait with no disk activity and before creating the uninstaller. I immediately ran the uninstaller, cleaned out the directory, re-ran the installer, and it completed successfully. (However the app isn't running at that point.) I can reproduce this by installing to a new directory.

3) During installation (and before the above error), my firewall reports several processes attempting DNS connections or listening (which I allowed). Windows installers don't usually start the app during the install; I'd suggest offering to start the app in a checkbox on the final installer screen.

4) If you install to a directory containing an existing installation, it doesn't report that you're installing on an existing installation. It should report that and offer to install elsewhere.

5) The uninstaller leaves these directories: conf.bak, logs, rollbackBackupDirectory, database. The uninstaller should offer an option to remove everything. If it leaves stuff, it should report what and why.

6) Most Windows installers don't put shortcuts on the desktop; The tools in Start -> All Programs -> ProcessOne are sufficient. If desktop shortcuts are discontinued, update docs accordingly.

7) The Readme window displayed by the installer is annoying and doesn't link to other docs. Since the app opens a web page when launched, the installer doesn't need to present the readme.

Documentation Issues:

A) doc/start.html has a dead link to logs/sasl.log. That should be erlang.log

B) doc/start.html should link to doc/README.txt

C) doc/guide.html (which I read online before downloading) should describe the Windows installer features (set hostname, admin login, etc).

D) doc/guide.html should describe what processes will appear in the Windows Task Manager or unix ps.

E) doc/guide.html should mention the ProcessOne folder accessible via the Start Menu.

Hope this helps!


PS: If it would help, I'd be happy to post these to the bug tracker...

DNS lookup causing install failure?

I wonder if the "Error Running Post Install Script" is because a DNS lookup failed... My hostname is not resolvable via DNS; this PC only serves clients running on itself.

I think not related. I

I think not related. I installed in my Windows test server, setting as Jabber hostname test.com (which I don't own), and installation completed correctly.

DNS lookup causing install failure?

Just tried an experiment:

C:\...>nslookup liamtpadtablet
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out
*** Default servers are not available
Server: UnKnown

DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to UnKnown timed-out

After that response, my firewall popped up and asked whether to allow nslookup, which I did. Then I retried:

C:\...>nslookup liamtpadtablet
Server: home

Name: liamtpadtablet.gateway.2wire.net

So there you have it.

Any thoughts on the other issues I described? Would you like tickets for these issues?

"For the end of next week"?

So what has happened to that expectation? Whats the status on ejabberd 2.1.0?

greetings, Mati

PS: As this is a normal Drupal-installation, wouldn't it be cool to install the SecurePages extension?

Why not compress with Zlib before encrypt

Regarding to Release Notes, Crypto section
"...Support Zlib compression after STARTTLS encryption..."

I think that it will better to do compression before do encryption.

Am I miss something?
Somchai J.

It follows XEP-0170

It follows XEP-0170: Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation.

You can comment your concern to the XEP author or the Standards mailing list http://xmpp.org/about/discuss.shtml

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