ejabberd 2.1.11 bugfix release

ejabberd 2.1.11 has been released, and it contains several bug fixes, improvements and new features.

The changes are:

  • HTTP service
    • Fix ejabberd_http:get_line
    • Don't use binary:match to extract lines from binaries
    • Parse and encode https header names like native http parser does
    • Parse correctly https request split into multiple packets
    • Properly handle HEAD request in mod_http_bind (EJAB-1538)
    • New option default_host for handling requests with ambiguous Host (EJAB-1261)
  • ODBC
    • New ODBC support for mod_announce
    • New ODBC support for mod_blocking
    • New ODBC support for mod_irc
    • New ODBC support for mod_muc
    • New ODBC support for mod_shared_roster
    • New ODBC support for mod_vcard_xupdate
    • Add ODBC exporting function for privacy table
    • Work also with some unicode strings in PgSQL (EJAB-1490)
    • Replace a single quote with double quotes in an ODBC escape
  • SSL
    • Make sure that res is initialized in all cases
    • Parse correctly https request split into multiple packets (EJAB-1537)
    • Added missed tls:recv_data/2
    • Don't ignore Length parameter in tls:recv
    • Avoid quadratic behavior in reading SSL data
    • Dix http_bind webserver TLS fail on Chrome (EJAB-1530)
  • Miscellanea
    • Assume we have only one CPU when an auto-detection fails (EJAB-1516)
    • Auth: Relax digest-uri handling (EJAB-1529)
    • Caps: Cache caps timestamp before the IQ-request is done
    • IRC: Use of MUC password
    • Private: misc errors cases fixes
    • Pubsub: return user affiliation for a specified node (EJAB-1294)
    • Shared Roster: Foreign items were not pushed (EJAB-1509)
    • Shared Roster LDAP: user substitution in ldap_rfilter (EJAB-1555)
    • Windows: Fix makefile rules for building DLLs

Check the 2.1.11 Release Notes for the full list of fixes and improvements.

The list of solved tickets since the previous version is available on ProcessOne bug tracker: http://redir.process-one.net/ejabberd-2.1.11

If you upgrade from ejabberd 2.0.7 or older, read carefully the release notes of ejabberd 2.1.0 too, because there were several changes in the installation path and the configuration options.

The source package and binary installers for Linux 32 bits, 64 bits, Mac OS X Intel, and Windows are available in the ejabberd ProcessOne download page.

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Does not perform well in windows

Web admin does not shows anything, no admin privilege there. super lousy

md5 & gpg are wrong

I just tried downloading the linux 64 bit installer and both the md5 sums and gpg keys are wrong. (Friday, Dec., 21, 2012) Is there a correct key and checksum?


Nevermind. The md5sum and gpp was run on the 2.1.11 executable, not the gzipped files, but the md5 & gpg files had the .gz extension in them. That should be fixed, because your gpg instructions are technically wrong. Once I figured it out it checked out.

Go ejabberd, go! Thanks for

Go ejabberd, go! Thanks for fixing bugs.


Does this mean we now have mod_muc_odbc?

If so, is there a process to convert the mnesia data to the mod_muc_odbc database?

no, it is not ok with 2.1.11

you have to write module to export the mnesia data to odbc data.


2.1.13, it's ok on linux, and, there is not a windows installer on windows with 2.1.13

Windows bugs

- service "ejabberd" dont started
- logs in "logs" folder not created (folder is empty)
- database in "database" folder not created (folder is empty)

logs & database

I just found that ejabberd writes logs & database under the directory:
C:\Document and Settings\\Application Data\ejabberd

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