ejabberd 2.1.12 and 13.03-beta1

A few weeks ago, the stable ejabberd 2.1.12 was released, with some bugfixes and minor improvements. The source code package is available in the ejabberd download archive.

And last week, the testing ejabberd 13.03-beta1 was released. Its major change compared to ejabberd 2.1.x is that the internal representation of strings is using binaries instead of lists. Another change is the numbering scheme: instead of using 2.1.x, now it uses Year.Month. More detailed explanations of all this can be read in the announcement email in the mailing list.

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Windows Installer?

I too would love to see a Windows Installer/binary for the latest stable version (2.1.12).


binary installer?


Do you stop releasing binary installer?

Thank you

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