ejabberd 2.1.13 and 13.06

We are pleased to announce the bugfix release ejabberd 2.1.13.
It includes a few bugfixes over 2.1.12:

  • Compilation: Detect correctly newer Darwin versions (EJAB-1594)
  • Guide: ejabberd_service expects a shaper_rule, not a shaper
  • MUC: Handle multiple < and > in mod_muc_log plaintext mode (EJAB-1640)
  • MUC: Handle ~ control sequence in text of mod_muc_log (EJAB-1639)
  • MUC: list_to_integer/2 only works in OTP R14 and newer
  • Pubsub: access_createnode acl also applies to auto created nodes
  • Web: Normalize HTTP path
  • WebAdmin: Fix bug when displaying offline messages in WebAdmin

As usual, download source code and installers from:
download source code from
and search or fill bug reports in

There's also a new release of the development master branch, ejabberd 13.06. It has many bugfixes over the previous 13.03. It's tagged and available in the Git source code repository, so we can start playing with it. The source package and binary installers will be available next week, I'll report here when ready.

Please note that both releases fail to compile or run with the new Erlang/OTP R16B01. They work correctly with R16B and older versions.

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