Download and install contributions from ejabberd-contrib Git

ejabberd-contrib is a Git repository for ejabberd contributions that you can download, compile and install to add new features to the standard ejabberd. This tutorial tells the basic steps to do that.

  1. Initial checkout, to get the most recent version of all modules:
    git clone git://
  2. Go to the directory of the contribution you are interested in, for example
    cd ejabberd-contrib/mod_admin_extra
  3. If you are using ejabberd master, go to next step. But if you are using some ejabberd 2.1.x version, do this:
    git checkout 2.1.x
  4. Read the module specific README to see if special steps are needed to deploy it.
  5. Compile the module
    • On GNU/Linux, *BSD, etc
    • On Windows
    • If you use an ejabberd binary installer, place the module source file in bin/ and run:
      erlc -I includes/ejabberd/include mod_admin_extra.erl
  6. Copy the generated .beam files from the ebin directory to the directory where your ejabberd .beam files are.
  7. Check README.txt or use the configuration file example provided in the conf dir to update your ejabberd.cfg configuration file.
  8. Now start ejabberd. If there's a problem, probably ejabberd log files will report an error message.
  9. If sometime on the future you want to update to the newer SVN version, just execute:
    git pull
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