Erlang Jabber Daemon


ejabberd is a Free and Open Source distributed fault-tolerant Jabber server. It writen mostly in Erlang.

The main features of ejabberd is:

  • Works on most of popular platforms: *nix (tested on Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD) and Win32
  • Distributed: You can run ejabberd on a cluster of machines and all of them will serve one Jabber domain.
  • Fault-tolerance: You can setup an ejabberd cluster so that all the information required for a properly working service will be stored permanently on more than one node. This means that if one of the nodes crashes, then the others will continue working without disruption. You can also add or replace more nodes ``on the fly''.
  • Built-in Multi-User Chat service
  • Built-in IRC transport
  • Built-in Publish-Subscribe service
  • Built-in Jabber Users Directory service based on users vCards
  • SSL support
  • Ability to interface with external components (JIT, MSN-t, Yahoo-t, etc)
  • Migration from jabberd14 is possible
  • Mostly XMPP-compliant
  • Support for JEP-0030 (Service Discovery).
  • Support for JEP-0039 (Statistics Gathering).
  • Support for xml:lang attribute in many XML elements

The misfeatures of ejabberd is:

  • No support for external authentification
  • No support for virtual domains
  • No support for STARTTLS


Mailing List


Latest stable version is 0.5.

Latest alpha version can be retrieved via CVS. Do following steps:

  • export
  • cvs login
  • Enter empty password
  • cvs -z3 co ejabberd

Alexey Shchepin
Last modified: Tue Nov 18 20:31:47 EET 2003