ejabberd with smack: register users with more attributes

Hi, i have installed ejabberd on my machine with "apt-get -y install" command. I have an android app using smack library to create accounts and register with the ejabberd server. Account registration successfully happens with username and password. However, i want the user to add more details for successful account creation. When i try to get instructions from the server before creating an account, i get this:

D/SMACK: RECV (0): Choose a username and password to register with this server

....i believe this should be coming from some default configurations in ejabberd server. I looked into ejabberd.cfg but couldn't find any snippet enforcing the requirement of username and password for registering new accounts.

As mentioned above, i want to add more attributes that a user must enter for a successful account registration. Where do i configure this on the server?

(for the client side, i learnt that one can create a hashmap of attributes (eg: phone, email-id, dob, etc) and supply them during account creation along with username and password)

Thanks so much!!

ejabberd does not implement

ejabberd does not implement complex registration formularies, just username and password.

Thanks @badlop. I am a newbie

Thanks @badlop. I am a newbie to ejabberd and xmpp. Can you please suggest if it is possible to save miscellaneous data of a user (like email, phone number, address, etc) in the default ejabberd dB - mnesia, and how one should do that? Is there any documentation available? Or is mnesia only used to save usernames and passwords?

I want the above user details to be available to a client app searching for a registered user.

After some searching, i found

After some searching, i found out that VCard/VCardManager from Smack can be used to send user information to the server and save it there for later usage.


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