Ejabberd fails to Start beam.smp

Shortly after I finally got ejabberd working, I lost my ejabberd configuration due to an unexpected reboot and am trying to get ejabberd working again, and before I go through the painful install process again, I was hoping I could find a simple solution here.

I am running into issues when ejabberd is trying to start beam.smp. I am getting an erl_crash.dump that basically says "init terminating in do_boot (no_or_multiple_root_variables)." I'm not sure where beam.smp is referencing its root variable from. Is there a way to verify what it is trying to use as the root variable (perhaps in the erl_crash.dump file or from the command-line)?

The empd daemon appears to be running (verified via ps -ef | grep empd), and I think erl is also working, since I can start an erl session (however, I don't know erl well enough to say for certain). I am hoping I am simply missing an env variable, configuration setting, or possibly a dependency that needs to be reinstalled. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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