ej 17.04 command unknown error

i have installed ejabberd on debian linux, which is working pretty fine,
now it seems that send_message groupchat is gone ..

0 root@xxxxxxxx:xxxxxxx# /usr/sbin/ejabberdctl status                                                                       
The node ejabberd@localhost is started with status: started
ejabberd 17.04.176 is running in that node
0 root@xxxxxxxx:xxxxxxx# /usr/sbin/ejabberdctl send_message groupchat                                                       

did i miss something, or does anybody have a clue ?!
in general i want to send messages as user and/or to MUC conference groups.

i guessed something like this should work
ejabberdctl send_message groupchat someone@somewhere.de/autopilot cccfr@conference.cccfr.de "''" 'some_message'

thx a lot

First enable mod_admin_extra

First enable mod_admin_extra in the module: section of your ejabberd configuration file. Then that command and many other will be available.

This sends a message to user1:

$ ejabberdctl send_message chat someone@localhost/autopilot user1@localhost "''" 'some_message'

This sends a message to the room, if user1 has joined the room. Notice that only a room occupant, or a room admin can send messages to a room.

$ ejabberdctl send_message groupchat user1@localhost/autopilot room7@conference.localhost "''" 'some_message'
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