Duplicate Messages in Chatrooms?

Hey there,

Several of our users are complaining of Ejabberd duplicate messages when in a chatroom. I've been sent a screenshot:


I'm not quite convinced it's an ejabberd issue -- it may be a client problem, but people report seeing the duplicates using either Psi or messages.app.

I'm also finding this bug logged with Apple: https://github.com/lionheart/openradar-mirror/issues/17037

My questions:

1) Is anyone else experiencing this?

2) How could this best be debugged? With the SSL in jabber, it's kind of hard to TCPdump this stuff. What logging would be helpful in opening a bug report.

3) We're a non-profit who works in Open Source. We'd like to be able to get support for the open-source version of Ejabberd, as it aligns with our model well. If someone from Processone could reach out to me, I'd love to hear from you.

Oh, forgot to mention, we're

Oh, forgot to mention, we're running ejabberd-17.11 from FreeBSD 11.1 packages.

I haven't read about a

I haven't read about a similar problem before. Maybe you have some custom module installed?

Try to join a room only you, does the problem appear? Maybe it's a specific room occupant client the one that sends such duplicated messages?

You can set loglevel to 5 in ejabberd configuration file, but that would generate a lot of logg lines in a production server...

For loggin TCP traffic, you can disable encryption in 5222 port, and tell your users that temporarily the traffic will be unencrypted.

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