Install jGGtrans - Gadu-Gadu Transport

This tutorial explains how to install jGGtrans, a Gadu-Gadu transport for XMPP.

  1. Install the Transport

    • Debian

      Add the following repository containing jGGtrans to /etc/apt/sources.list:

      echo "deb ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

      After an update, you can download and install jGGtrans:

      apt-get update
      apt-get install jabber-gg-transport
    • FreeBSD

      Install jGGtrans and select the option 'EJABBERD':

      cd /usr/ports/net-im/jggtrans && make all install clean
  2. Install the Transport Configuration File

    • Debian

      1. Download this configuration file for jGGtrans and put it into /etc/jabber/

      2. Open this configuration file with your favourite text editor and change at least the following capitalized values:

      3. Edit /etc/default/jabber-gg-transport with your favourite text editor. That file should contain next line:

    • FreeBSD

      1. Copy the sample configuration to the right location:

        cp /usr/local/etc/jggtrans.xml.sample /usr/local/etc/jggtrans.xml
      2. Open this configuration file with your favourite text editor and change the following values:

        <service jid="gg.SERVER.COM"/>
         <port>5237</port> <!--in this tutorial '5237'-->
         <secret>SECRET</secret> <!--kind of a 'transport password'-->
        <admin>GG_TRANSPORT_ADMIN@SERVER.COM</admin> <!--should not match ejabberd admin-->
  3. Directories

    • Debian

      Create some directories:

      mkdir /var/spool/jabber/gg.SERVER.COM/ \
      /etc/jabber /etc/init.d/jabber /var/log/jabber \
      /var/run/jabber /var/spool/jabber
      chmod o-rx /var/log/jabber/

      And set permissions:

      chmod 770 /var/spool/jabber/gg.SERVER.COM/
      chgrp daemon /var/spool/jabber/gg.SERVER.COM/ \
      /var/log/jabber/ /var/run/jabber /var/spool/jabber

      Do not forget to replace "SERVER.COM" with what you specified in jabber-gg-transport.xml.

    • FreeBSD

      Create some directories:

      mkdir -p /var/lib/jabber/spool/gg.SERVER.COM/

      And set permissions:

      chown -R ejabberd /var/lib/jabber/
  4. Configure ejabberd

    These instructions assume you are running the transport on the same machine as ejabberd. To configure ejabberd, you can choose between two methods. Do not forget to change the capitalized values; they need to match to what you specified in jGGtrans' configuration file above.

    • Using the Web Administration Interface

      Go in the web interface to Nodes/your node/Listened Ports, enter the following information on the last line, and press the Add button:

      Port Module Options
      5237 ejabberd_service [{host, "gg.SERVER.COM", [{password, "SECRET"}]}]
    • Using ejabberd.cfg

      Edit ejabberd's configuration file; add the following two lines in the section starting with '{listen,' (also described in the guide). You have to restart ejabberd afterwards to apply the changes:

      {5237, ejabberd_service, [{host, "gg.SERVER.COM",
                                 [{password, "SECRET"}]}]},

      Remark that there is no ending comma needed in the last entry. However, all entries before the last one need to end with a comma!

  5. Start jGGtrans

    To start jGGtrans:

    • Debian

      /etc/init.d/jabber-gg-transport start
    • FreeBSD

      Add the following line to /etc/rc.conf:


      And then start jGGtrans:

      /usr/local/etc/rc.d/jggtrans start

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New location of Debian package

I got this information from eloy, maintainer of the Debian package:

Version 2.2.2 works fine with our Jabber server. ;-)

Kindest regards,
Free German Jabber server with a lot of transports and gateways

link is dead, there's no

link is dead, there's no debian packages there :(

Debian packages

Bit old topic but...

JGGtrans debain packages are on my repo is anyone needs:

deb >debian release<

* From version 2.0.0 libgadu was excluded from JGGtrans so I've also put package for them.
* From squeeze there is libgadu in official repository, but still host my own.
* I've did not include any startup scripts as for now

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