mod_client_asterisk - show call state of contacts

Name: mod_client_asterisk
Purpose: Connect to an Asterisk Management Interface listening to Call events. This allows the Jabber users to know about the call state of their buddies.
Author: Julien Destombes
Type: Module
Requirements: ejabberd, Asterisk
Download: Check the mod-client-asterisk Launchpad page, see a XMPP client screenshot.

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mod_client_freeswitch ?

Does anyone know of a ejabberd module for FreeSWITCH?
If there is not one, would anyone else find one useful?

I know that FS has mod_dingaling; but that is a mod for FS, not for ejabberd...

-- MM.

Re: mod_client_freeswitch ?

I have Googled too, and found nothing. I am also interested in doing the same between ejabberd and FreeSWITCH as between Openfire and Asterisk - exchange of presence notification, etc.

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