mod_passrecover - Password Recovery Using an External Email Account

Name: mod_passrecover.erl
Purpose: Password recovery using an external email account
Author: Badlop
Type: Module
Requirements: ejabberd 0.9.8, 1.0.0, SVN
Download: mod_passrecover.tar.gz
%%%  1 Copy mod_passrecover.erl epop.erl epop_client.erl smtp_fsm.erl to ejabberd/src/
%%%  2 Recompile ejabberd
%%%  3 Create one (optionally two) email address on the local email server (if you have one)
%%%      or on a remote email server.
%%%  4 Add to ejabberd.cfg, 'modules' section the basic configuration:
%%%     {mod_passrecover, [{pop3_password, "F3sNk50"},}, {smtp_password, "LP9h4Z4M"}
%%%                        {smtp_email, ""}],

%%%     pop3_password: Password for the POP3 login
%%%     smtp_password: Password for the SMTP login
%%%     smtp_email: Email address to send the message
%%%     pop3_login: Login to use for the POP3 server (default: "passrecover@localhost")
%%%     smtp_server: IP address of the SMTP server (default: "")
%%%     smtp_user: Username to log on the SMTP server (default: "pwdresponder")
%%%     interval: Time between each mailbox check, in minutes (default: 30)
%%%     purge_hours: Maximum hours that the user can take to answer the Request Confirmation (default: 24)
%%%     dumpdir: Directory were erroneous emails are dumped to file (default: "/tmp/")

%%%   {mod_passrecover, [{pop3_login, "passrecover@localhost"}, {pop3_password, "F3sNk50"},
%%%                  {smtp_server, ""}, {smtp_user, "pwdresponder"}, 
%%%                  {smtp_password, "LP9h4Z4M"}, {smtp_email, ""},
%%%                  {interval, 15}, {purge_hours, 12}, {dumpdir, "/var/log/ejabberd/passrecov/"}]},

%%% USAGE:
%%%  1 You must set your email on the vCard before losing the password. Example email address: ''.
%%%  2 If you forget the password of your Jabber account '', send this message:
%%%     To: <>
%%%     From: <>
%%%     Subject: PASSWORD REQUEST
%%%     JID:
%%%  3 After some minutes, you will receive an email on your account if you are the real owner of that JID.
%%%    The message includes a Validation Code. Simply send back this email to the sender.
%%%  4 After some minutes you will receive an email with the new password.
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