mssql - Use Microsoft SQL Server Database

Since version 1.1.2, ejabberd has support for Microsoft SQL Server (using ODBC). So, you do not need to apply the patch on this page if you are using 1.1.2 or higher.

Name: mssql
Purpose: Use MSSQL as database
Author: Tiaan
Type: Patch
Requirements: ejabberd 0.9.8
Download: full source code:

How to Apply the Patch

  1. Create database and execute this SQL script: mssql.sql
  2. Download mssql.patch to your ejabberd/src directory.
  3. Apply the patch with this command:
    patch -p0<mssql.patch
  4. Recompile ejabberd
  5. Create DSN to your ejabberd database
  6. Configure ejabberd.cfg:
    • Change the "auth_method" paramater from "internal" to "odbc".
    • Enter detail from above created DSN in "odbc_server" sections.
    • Append "_odbc" to the following modules in the "modules" section: mod_roster_odbc, mod_offline_odbc, mod_last_odbc.
  7. Restart ejabberd.

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