ejabberd new documentation site, a community effort

A massive documentation effort

It is well know that every developer in the world love writing docs :)

Well, I am kidding, but still our goal is to have the most comprehensive and beautiful documentation possible for a project. Given the extremely powerful and numerous ejabberd features and the extensive scope of XMPP, I guess you all understand the challenge.

But, we can as a community be up to the tasks. We have bootstrapped a huge documentation effort for ejabberd, but we hope it will also serve as a good reference to learn XMPP.
To be frank, the work we have started here would hardly fit into a full size book, but we will get there.

As to the goal of producing a beautiful documentation, this is already done and we hope you will all like what we achieve on the ejabberd documentation site design.

What's next ?

We already had very good documentation, but it was both included in massive, intimidating documentation or hard to find.

We have started adding documentation we had on various places on a single documentation site: docs.ejabberd.im. Once this is finished, we will keep on writing new content based on frequent questions we get on mailing list and forums. However, we plan to reorganise it and split it in smaller chunks to make it easier to ingest. I especially think about the extremely complete, but also extremely long, ejabberd Installation and Operation Guide.

The good news is that you can now fork the documentation site and join the effort. It is available on Github: processone/docs.ejabberd.im

Do not hesitate to submit PR to fix typo or improve the wording. There is no small contribution and that's a great way to join the ejabberd community.

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