ejabberd 15.04 released

ejabberd 15.04 keeps the project delivering new features and improvements at the same fast pace.

The focus for this release is to consolidate and improve what was delivered in the previous release, and also to integrate contributions which had been critical for most deployments these days.

New features

We integrated usefull contributions around groupchat (mod_admin_extra and mod_muc_admin) into ejabberd core. This means ejabberd admins get a new set of powerful ejabberdctl command and API they can rely on with standard ejabberd deployments.

We also made XEP-0033 Extended Stanza Addressing a default component. This is extremely useful to build chat service that uses adhoc chat mechanisms. It brings to ejabberd the ability to send messages to multiple recipients at once without using Multi User chat or pubsub. You can see a bit like email cc or bcc features. This allows to build extremely simple and lightweight multi party chat features.

Among new features, we now have a SQLite backend that can replace Mnesia for those who prefer as basic backend for small and simple standalone deployments.


We improved a lot of modules, added some major pubsub improvements, better RFC compliance, many bug fixes and small tweaks all over the place thanks to your feedback. The cluster script helpers have been improved to work in more situations.


We are still pushing Elixir integration further: this new version of ejabberd can be embedded in any Elixir application, for example in a Phoenix Web application. Here is a tutorial showing how it works.


PubSub improvements include code refactor, bug fixes, minor optimisations and removal of old mod_pubsub_odbc. mod_pubsub now uses db_type parameter like all other ejabberd modules.
NOTE: Users of old mod_pubsub_odbc will need to alter pubsub_node table changing the type attribute: set flat when it was flat_odbc, hometree when it was hometree_odbc, and pep when it was pep_odbc. Without this manual change in your database, the new mod_pubsub will not work.

Changelog overview

  • R16B03-1 is now the minimal required Erlang/OTP version
  • SQLite support
  • Default db_type can be specified with global default_db option
  • Included mod_muc_admin, mod_admin_extra and mod_multicast modules
  • Removed ejabberd_http_poll
  • Pubsub improvements
  • Better RFC compliance
  • Several other bugfixes

ProcessOne installer now includes Erlang/OTP 17.5, with added new configuration option in ejabberd: sqlite, redis and elixir support.

The Linux 32bit installer is no longer maintained.

Download and Feedback

As usual, the release is tagged in the Git source code repository on Github.

The source package and binary installers are available at ProcessOne.

If you suspect you found a bug, please search or fill a bug report on Github.

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