Updated Drupal; fixing problems

This website has been updated to the latest version of Drupal.

There are a few known problems that will be solved in the next days:

  • Existing forum threads are not listed in the Forum pages.
  • Support to login with OpenID.
  • The page /xtracker does not exist, use /tracker instead.
  • FIXED: Need to update DB program, since there are small SQL error reports in several pages.
  • FIXED IN FILE language.inc: The Drupal messages are only in English, not translated like before.
  • DONE: Captcha required to create an account or the first time a comment is submitted.
  • FIXED: The color scheme of the site is the default one, not the old one.
  • CANNOT FIX: Jabber login using the old Drupal jabber.module

If you experience any other problem using this website, please add a comment here. If you can't add a comment, you can join the ejabberd chatroom ejabberd@conference.jabber.ru and contact me.

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where messages of forum? so

where messages of forum? so much valuable information!

Forum threads are, but not linked in the forum page

K0NCTANT1N wrote:

where messages of forum? so much valuable information!

Yes I know the forums have several years of information. Let's hope the indexing can be fixed.

The good news is that all the forum threads are available, and you can find them using the search feature, or searching in Google, etc.

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