Corrupted database (?)

Hi. I got an ejabberd server up and running quite a while now. Now, for a few days, after a simple reboot of the host, it doesn't start up anymore. The message I get is:


E(<0.39.0>:ejabberd_config:272) : Error reading Mnesia database spool files:
The Mnesia database couldn't read the spool file for the table 'config'.
ejabberd needs read and write access in the directory:
Maybe the problem is a change in the computer hostname,
or a change in the Erlang node name, which is currently:
Check the ejabberd guide for details about changing the
computer hostname or Erlang node name.

But I didn't change anything. Neither the hostname or erlang node name nor anything else.

Could it be a corrupted database? How do I get more informations about the problem from Erlang?

Thanks in advance

Let's imagine the node name changed for any reason

The node name currently is 'ejabberd@shakaweb', and Mnesia can't load the database files, probably because the node name before was different.

To try that possibility, you can check ejabberd.log and sasl.log to see if that was the old node name or not.

If it was different, put the old name in ejabberdctl.cfg:

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