I installed ejabberd in a virtual machine (linux-vserver). When I try to start ejabberd, it crashes immediately and shows those errors:

  "Protocol: ~p: register error: ~p~n",


The problem is in the 'epmd' program that Erlang starts at the same time that 'beam'. You can see that the same errors appear with a simple Erlang node like this:

erl -sname testname

The reason is that under virtual systems (like linux-vserver) epmd can be launched at any IP address but it can work only at


Run those commands in the main machine (not inside the virtual machine):

nattribute --set --nid virtual_system_name --flag ~single_ip
echo "~single_ip" > /etc/vservers/virtual_system_name/nflags

In your case, replace virtual_system_name with the name of you cirtual machine.

Thanks to Liveevil.

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problem reappears

after installing a recent version of linux-vserver i get this problem again.
sadly it seems that the aforementioned solution does not work anymore =(

i don't really know who to turn to, posted this problem @ vserver-irc, but didn't get an answer there.


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