Multiple concurrent Login's Per Client causing issue

Hi there,

I have a script-able XMPP client capable of opening many connections to ejabberd and logging in users with them, but I'm running into a wall with how many I can login.

Each client can only login about 900 users to the server before logins start to fail, but it's unclear from the logs why the login is failing (just a lot of open/close sessions). But the amount I can login is a linear multiple of 900, e.g. If I run 10 of these clients simultaneous, I can login 9000 users to ejabberd.

Is there anything thing in the ejabberd or it's configuration that might prevent more then some number of users from a given client? Some sort of traffic shaping? The clients are all running on the same machine so should have the same IP. I can't see any obvious limitations in my client script that's causing the 900 wall, but I wanted to rule out ejabberd as a possible source of the limit.


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Some ideas you can try, some

Some ideas you can try, some in ejabberd.cfg:

  • Increase max_stanza_size value in ejabberd_c2s listener
  • Increase the maxrate value of the normal shaper
  • Increase the value of max_fsm_queue
  • In all operating systems there are limitations about the number of opened ports. Maybe your client, or ejabberd, is limited in this way. A typical limitation in Linux is "ulimit -n", that is set to 1024. If that's the case, the other 1024-900 = 124 ports may be wasted, semi-opened, opened for connections to a library... Investigate how to change this limit, or maybe other limits.
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