S2S GTalk problem...

Hi at all,

i've heared about the GTalk bug and i've tried some possible ways to fix that (the resolv.conf, hosts-way) but nothing worked!

The log says everytime someone wants to chat with googlemail.com:

=INFO REPORT==== 2010-07-25 13:21:45 ===
I(<0.9589.0>:ejabberd_s2s:368) : New s2s connection started <0.9749.0>

=INFO REPORT==== 2010-07-25 13:21:45 ===
I(<0.9749.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:1157) : Trying to open s2s connection: jaim.im -> googlemail.com

=ERROR REPORT==== 2010-07-25 13:22:05 ===
E(<0.9749.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:1075) : The DNS servers
timed out on request for "googlemail.com" IN SRV. You should check your DNS configuration.

=ERROR REPORT==== 2010-07-25 13:22:25 ===
E(<0.9749.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:1075) : The DNS servers
timed out on request for "googlemail.com" IN SRV. You should check your DNS configuration.

What can i do?

Re: S2S GTalk problem...

We have a similar problem on our server, and it seems to be happen all over the net. However, the error messages are not the same. I have seen messages such as this one:

I(<0.14143.13>:ejabberd_s2s_out:416) : wait for validation: [our domain] -> googlemail.com (closed)

. It seems not to be due to any DNS error, since one of our virtual hosts has no problem, while the other one (running on the same node) only works sporadically.

We have also tried different versions of ejabberd, and I've seen the problem being reported for other servers too, so it does indeed more and more look like gtalk's interoperability is rather flawed.

The problem you have looks more related to that you cannot complete the DNS request. Check that you can resolve it successfully with: dig -t SRV _xmpp-server._tcp.googlemail.com .

jadahl: I'm seeing the same

jadahl: I'm seeing the same problem, starting the same day you posted. I agree; this doesn't look like a DNS problem, and it's specific to gmail.com. I ran ejabberd with debug enabled, but I wasn't able to sift out any useful information.

You're not alone to have this problem

Same as jadahl and cjones !

Same here

Looks like the main xmpp server @ google (xmpp-server.l.google.com.) is broke, and refuses to do dialback. Other servers seem fine.

I added a /etc/hosts entries for it and every google apps domain I have (including gmail.com), and now things appear to be working (knock on wood)


could you tell us what is inside your /etc/hosts ? ;)
thanks a lot

Ok, here is the solution Add

Ok, here is the solution

Add it to your /etc/hosts to bybass the /etc/resolv.conf resolution : xmpp-server.l.google.com

source :

Re: Ok, here is the solution Add

I'm afraid it's not that easily fixed. The inability to establish connections are from both ends. I cannot establish a connection From gtalk to my domain, nor the other way around. Also note that the other domain running on the same ejabberd node (mostly, at least now while testing the above advise) works fine.

Tracing the error

I ran tcpdump while the error occurred, and got the following results:

E = ejabberd
G = gtalk server

E connects to G

E: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' xmlns='jabber:server' xmlns:db='jabber:server:dialback' to='gmail.com' version='1.0'>

G: <stream:stream id="7BD1F284707D47EE" xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" xmlns="jabber:server" xmlns:db="jabber:server:dialback">

E: <db:result from='[my domain]' to='gmail.com'>3570768198</db:result>

... 20 seconds pass ...

G: Close connection.

As far as I can see, if Google would follow the specification[1] it should reply to the dialback request, but fails to do so completely.

[1] http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0220.html#sect-id159076

Just for reference, this is

Just for reference, this is also reported (without any discussion so far) in https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-1283

And some discussion in this mailing list thread:

Problem seems to have dissapeared

Starting last night, communication with Google Talk has started working again. No change from my side, it just suddenly started working.

Edit: make that working temporary.

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