LDAP Shared Roster Group Sharing

I am in the process of setting up mod_shared_roster_ldap with Active Directory. Currently, I am not positive if my configuration is working properly, but I also do not know what to look for when it is working properly.

Lets say my configuration is working properly, what should I see? Will I see the queried groups in the Shared Roster Group section of the web admin page for that Virtual Host? I am assuming this will be the case, and at that point I can go through each group and specify what other groups that group should see.

Or am I misunderstanding all of this completely? Currently, I have OpenFire implemented, so my understanding of the shared rosters stems from that.

Thank you for your help.

As you can read in few last

As you can read in few last post here, that mod_shared_roster_ldap is very problematic and unfortunately, not many people have luck with this mod + AD.. include me.
Problem is, that actual documentaion is not matching actual version of this mod and its only up to you and your luck to get this running.
In fact autor of this mod said that he hasnt access to AD instalation for testing this scenario...

I was hoping to get lucky and

I was hoping to get lucky and have it working, at which point I would have done an extensive write-up, but I have had no luck.

I feel like I am close, but after spending an entire day working with it, my desire to continue is waning.

This seems like a very sought after feature, it is unfortunate that more Jabber server software does not incorporate it. All I know of is ejabberd and OpenFire (who's quality has been falling after changing from WildFire to OpenFire).

Well I was finally able to

Well I was finally able to populate groups using mod_shared_roster_ldap. However, presence appeared to be partially broken, authorizations were not being sent out. Another downside was that all the groups would show, regardless if the user was a part of any groups. There is probably a way to fix that, but I did not feel like figuring it out.

Anyways, I will be doing a write up on everything I did to get it working and will post it soon.

See the following post for my

See the following post for my write up:


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