ejabberd is running, but ejabberdctl doesn't function

ejabberd runs & chat is working. However, I cannot use ejabberdctl to control it.

If I run the command:
ejabberdctl --node ejabberd@jubilee debug

I get the error:
*** ERROR: Shell process terminated! (^G to start new job) ***


If I run the command:
ejabberdctl --node ejabberd@jubilee

I get the error:
Failed RPC connection to the node ejabberd@jubilee: nodedown


If I use the epmd command to see what is running (epmd -names), I get:
name ejabberd at port 57570


I am using FreeBSD v8.1 and have installed ejabberd-2.1.6 through the ports collection.

Please advise.


Try ejabberdctl --node

ejabberdctl --node ejabberd@localhost debug

Same issue here, also when

Same issue here, also when trying ejabberdctl --node ejabberd@localhost debug

OS FreeBSD 8.1 ejabberd installed from ports

just works if f ejabberd is down, seems to be a issue that do not allow reusing the port or current running instance of ejabberd

Gelraen explained in the

Gelraen explained in the ejabberd chatroom:

erl_epmd module first tries to resolve hostname via inet:gethostbyname, and gets hosts FQDN and public IP via dns (since /etc/resolv.conf have "search" line). Then it tries to connect to epmd port on that public IP, but epmd is listening only on So, all works fine after adding 'calipso' after 'localhost' in /etc/hosts

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