cannot signal daemon to shutdown/re-open log files

A while ago I upgraded ejabberd from 2.1.5 to 2.1.8, and also updated erlang to r14b03 (not sure the prior version, but it was an r14 release). Running on FreeBSD 8.2/i386.

Ever since the upgrade, I cannot use the ejabberdctl program to control it. It always says "Failed RPC connection to the node ejabberd@lorax: nodedown".

The short host name of my server is "lorax". If I log into the web interface, it does show node "ejabberd@lorax" is running as the only node.

Up until this upgrade I was able to use ejabberdctl just fine to re-open logs and do clean shutdown. I searched the forums and mailing lists and found basically that I need to ensure that when ejabberd starts, it uses the same node name. I checked the start scripts and it does indeed (and always has) explicitly set the node name to "ejabberd@lorax", so I'm pretty well stumped at this point. The only tricky part of the config is that I bound the web interface to the private IP of this machine, instead of the public (it has two NICs).

I'm using the FreeBSD port version of both erlang and ejabberd.

Any help would be appreciated.

Problem allegedly fixed in

Problem allegedly fixed in FreeBSD port: but doesn't work for me still.

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