IP-Adress and port of epmd


I don't need erlangs clustering features, so I don't need epmd to listen on and I don't need beam to listen on Is there a way to change this? I already bound ejabberd' services to specific IPs, but don't know how to restrict these two.

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I don't know if epmd can be

I don't know if epmd can be 'disabled'.

If you can't shutdown epmd, you can simply discard connections to port 4369 on your firewall. The other listening port is not always 39309, I think it varies upon restart.

If you want ejabberd to run

If you want ejabberd to run not on the distributed node you could omit -name or -sname command line option. In this case epmd woold't be run and beam would't listen network.

But you'd loose the options of controlling ejabberd via ejabberdctl. Moreover, ejabberd web-interface uses distributed erlang features for example for modules management etc.

The worst thing you'd get is that it'd be impossible to stop ejabberd cleanly. The only way would be to kill beam, which can result in database corruption.

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