Ejabberd Admin tool / permanent chat/conference rooms


I have been going through quite a few posts on here now and I can not seem to find a solution for my problem. I need a solution to create a permanent chat or conference room on my server. Ejabberd is running on an Ubuntu 12.04.1.LTS 64 bit dedicated server. It seems I am unable to find the version of the Ejabberd server though. I have installed it via the OS itself. I have tried amending the ejabberd.cfg file as described here http://www.ejabberd.im/node/3219 but that only results in the server not starting at all so I had to amend it back.

Now, is there any kind of admin tool which i can install on a windows PC and configure the Ejabberd server remotely? The only program I was able to find was Adium, but that is a Mac only program.

I would be happy with any solution, either a new routine in the cfg file or an admin tool/chat client with admin function.

Thanks in advance.

ok problem solved. Found a

ok problem solved. Found a solution. Thanks anyway!

what was your solution?

what was your solution?

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