Migrate from Openfire to ejabberd via jabberd14 in Java

This tutorial will help you to migrate an Openfire database to ejabberd. Since there is no direct way to migrate from Openfire to ejabberd, you first need to migrate from Openfire to jabberd 1.4 XML spool files with a Java program. Afterwards you can complete the migration process by pointing ejabberd to the directory containing the jabberd 1.4 compatible XML spool files.

Conversion program written by: Alexander Semenov (bohtvaroh)

  1. Install the Import/Export Plugin via the Openfire Webinterface.
  2. Export your database to a file, for example "myopenfire.xml".
  3. Download openfire-jabberd-convertor.jar.
  4. To execute the program you need Java 5 or higher. This is the help:
    $ java -jar openfire-jabberd-convertor.jar
    You must specify three arguments:
            * path to openfire exported user file
            * path to the output jabberd spool folder
            * target domain name (e.g. jabby.org)
  5. So, for example:
    $ java -jar openfire-jabberd-convertor.jar myopenfire.xml /tmp/jabberspool/ jabby.org
    Parsing openfire users file...
    138 users found.
    Populating spool directory for domain 'jabby.org'...
            exporting user: bob@jabby.org ...
            exporting user: jackeline@jabby.org ...
            exporting user: tom@jabby.org ...
    You can now import it to your jabberd or ejabberd server.
  6. After you created successfully the spool directory, you can have a look at the user xdb-files, to check if all seems to be correct.
  7. Finally, you can import this jabberd spool directory using any of the methods described in the tutorial Migrate from jabberd 1.4 to ejabberd.
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