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Preliminary Usage Guidelines (still being reviewed)

Download the image of your choice to your site, rename it and copy the HTML to your site. Make sure you follow these guidelines when you use these images:

  1. You agree to promote Jabber by providing quality Jabber information, technologies, or protocols. You agree not to use the Logo in connection with any statements or materials that are in poor taste or in violation of any applicable laws or government regulations.

  2. You agree to use only images available on this page in accordance with this agreement and will not alter it in any way, including its size, proportions, colors or elements, or otherwise change its appearance. The image must appear by itself; it may not be combined with any other graphic or textual elements and may not be used as an element of any other logo or mark.

  3. You agree to link the image only to this site, and will not link to other pages on your web site or to a third party web site.

  4. You agree to ensure the image is not a predominant feature on a web site. This means (at minimum) that it must appear smaller than your web page title and organization logo.

If you have suggestions, questions, problems or ideas for new or improved images on this section, please add a comment. In particular request for image on different formats or sizes. The guidelines are based on the JabberPowered ones.



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