Authenticate Against MySQL with PHP

Name: check_mysql_php
Purpose: External authentication script for MySQL, written in PHP
Author: LISSY Alexandre (Lissyx)
Type: Program
Requirements: ejabberd 1.0.0
Download: check_mysql.php.txt

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Error in log file

If you're seeing the following error after using the script above...

extauth script has exitted abruptly with reason 'normal'

You could be using a newer version of php. i.e. php > 5.4 in which case the following command in the script above is deprecated.


Make sure to remove or comment that line out.

External authentication with php and mysql not working

I am starting with Ejabberd. And my connection and authentication and chat work correctly when authentication was internal
. But when I edit ejabberd.cfg to work with external authentication script then meet error:

- Config file:
%%{auth_method, internal}.
{auth_method, external}.
{extauth_program, "/etc/ejabberd/my_auth.php"}.

- Error report: C(<0.6790.0>:extauth:146) : extauth script has exitted abruptly with reason 'normal'
This error loop until the server stop.

I grant full permission to /etc/ejabberd/my_auth.php and run with php command, not error.

Please help me!
Thanks in Advance..

Same problem with eJabberd 16.01 in Ubuntu 16.04

When I am trying to login in admin area I get this :

2016-07-26 18:41:39.550 [error] <0.10430.0>@extauth:loop:131 extauth call '[<<"auth">>,<<"admin">>,<<"localhost">>,<<"test">>]' didn't receive response
2016-07-26 18:41:39.550 [error] <0.10106.0>@ejabberd_auth:is_user_exists:316 The authentication module ejabberd_auth_external returned an error
when checking user <<"admin">> in server <<"localhost">>
Error message: badarg
2016-07-26 18:41:39.550 [warning] <0.10106.0>@ejabberd_web_admin:process:239 Access of <<"admin@localhost">> from <<"x.x.x.x">> failed with error: <<"inexistent-account">>

Im using this Any idea? The tests give me all ok, the log file doesnt show nothing when ejabberd make the extauth call. My configuration is:

auth_method: external
extauth_program: "/etc/ejabberd/extauth/main.php"

I also check the permissions, all seems correct, with chmod 777 file and chown ejabberd:ejabberd I get the same. I dont know what to do more. With su ejabberd the php file executes correctly

SOLVED: I installed eJabberd from .deb in /opt, running ejabberdctl live I discover that the libssl from /opt/ejabberd/lib/linux*/libssl.1.0.0 wasn't update to the openssl 1.0.2 (last required for PHP 7.0). I download last libssl.deb and I extracted in the lib eJabberd directory. Now is working correctly

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