How to allow Internet connect to my server


I installed ejabberd in my machine, and it works perfectly for me and the people in my local network. Now I want to allow people from Internet to connect to my server. What requirements must I meet?.


If you want people from Internet to be able to connect to your Jabber server, you must make sure your Jabber server is reachable from the Internet. Also, the Jabber server name must be recognized from the Internet.

For example, your machine is called It has ports 5222 and 5269 open for Internet. You configured ejabberd in this way in ejabberd.cfg:

{hosts, [""]}.
You must set up your DNS server so machines in Internet know that the IP address of is the IP address of your server.

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i want to Save changes for this , but i can not found config file , i am using windows server 2012 and ejabberd installer file

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