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doc about how to use websocket with 13.x version

Hi ,

Do we have any doc about how to use websocket with 13.x version in the ejabberd.


How can i transfer file using ejabberd with XMPP ?

i want to transfer files to another devices with using ejabbered.

how it is possible?
Like images, plain text file, contact file, location data, or other media files....

Configuration of ejabberd and mysql for Windows

i follow the steps but still is gives connection fail error...

about ejabberd ablity

ejabberd use mnesia & ets & dets database for default,but i found ets & dets have a problem in storege that it only can store 2g - 4g each table. i want to know in the default mode , how many people ejabberd can store

Pls help to create multiuser chat room

I am able to create one to one chat, But i am unable to do multiuser chat. Please help to create a multiuser chat room.And provide me the valid configuration details for multiuser chat.

Note: Here i am using SMACK and SMACKX clients, and also Ejabberd server is running on my local host.

Thanks & Regards,

hi Are you able to create new

Are you able to create new users using account manager.

About TLS link to ejabberd

now i am using gloox ConnectionTLS to link to th ejabberd
I can`t link to the version2.1.5, but i can linked the 3.0.0-alpha,why?
and if somebody can give me some gloox example about ConnectionTCP + TLS + BOSH
link to ejabberd.
what about the initalization of the connections?

TLS gloox issue

Hello Liu,

Have you find the solution?


clients uncompress failure

server sent out the compress data by zlib, when i get this data i need to uncompress ,but uncompress failure.

my client software is flex

var bytedata:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
socket.readBytes( bytedata );
var data:String = bytedata.readUTFBytes( bytedata.length );


Help me

I cannot seem to get this up and running on Windows, is anyone else having a similar problem. I do not see any answers in the FAQ's. HELP ME

mod_xmlrpc can not work with MYSQL?

I can create acount,roster item through mod_xmlrpc.
When I change database to MYSQL, the script return "0" but no data insert into MYSQL.
But I can use ejabberd admin tool add roster with insert data into MYSQL.
So I want to ask wheath mod_xmlrpc can not work with MYSQL.

I want to get total messages number.

I am using Ejabberd and I want to get total users' messages number(send and recieved).

I use the mod_logdb, but I don't want to get the messages' content, only the total messages numbers is OK.

What should I do? Thanks.

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to use mysql(on windows) to create my own database(mobile client) to connect to ejabbered...i need help in how to do this...if anyone can help please reply back ...thank u so much

where can i get the document

where can i get the document about the architecture of the ejaberd ,especially some infomation of how to implement the the clusting .

Check the ejabberd Guide.

Check the ejabberd Guide.

setting up nodes

i have two servers set up, to run an internal messaging network, each connecting to a few terminals with clients. I presume that server represents a node. but when i login as admin in ejabberd, i cannot see the other server as a virtual host. I want to communicate from pc1 linked to server one to pc2 linked to server 2 which i cannot do at the moment. can any one help. thanks

How to install in Windows

I had a few problems getting ejabberd to run on Windows 2003 Server (both ejabberd-1.1.2 and 1.1.3). It would install OK and the 'Start ejabbered' shourcut seemed to start the services but I was unable to login either via the web interface or using an IM client. Every time I installed I would use my own 'domain' (server.mydomian.local) as the 'hostname' (all the set up says it should exist and be accessible - which it is as I can ping the name and map drives etc using that name and it exists in my local DNS). What I've now discovered is I can only use the hostname of 'localhost'! If I use that I can login to the web interface and use an IM client. What I have had to do on my Windows PCs is modify the loopback address ' localhost' to my servers IP in my hosts. file. Not idea but it works until I can find a proper solution.

RE: How to install in Windows

You probably did not specify domain name correctly during installation.
If your computer is server.mydomian.local - then domain name specified during the setup should be mydomian.local.

Alex Pinsker

RE: How to install in Windows

I had the same problem on my W2K server. Use IP address instead of server.mydomian.local. For instance if the IP address of you server is, then at the instalation use it instead of the server name. And later login using username admin@

during my first install, the

during my first install, the domain name was preselected, which i used, and had communication between the server and client. when i changed the domain name to a different one to the one specified during the reinstall( same as the first install), and followed the same procedure again with the client, there was no connection. If any one could help me that would be great.

Failed TCP accept: emfile

After i googled some of them suggest to increase /proc/sys/fs/file-max ulimit -n 100000 after that also i space the same problem in linux server
i am using tsung testing tool

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