Increase log Verbosity


ejabberd log files are not verbose enough for me, I want more information. How can I increase verbosity of ejabberd logs?


  • ejabberd 2.0.0 or higher

    To enable debug-level verbosity on ejabberd logs, edit the configuration file ejabberd.cfg and add this line. Check the ejabberd Guide for more information.

    {loglevel, 5}.
  • ejabberd 1.1.0 or higher

    To enable debug-level verbosity on ejabberd logs, compile ejabberd with next command:

    make ejabberd_debug=true
  • ejabberd 1.0.0 and older

    To enable debug-level verbosity on ejabberd logs:

    1. Edit the file ejabberd/src/ejabberd.hrl and uncomment next line to enable the ejabberd_debug option:
      -define(ejabberd_debug, true).
    2. Recompile and restart ejabberd.
    3. If everything went right, you will have more verbose log files.

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Increase log verbosity

You should add that this steps does not increase verbosity of main ejabberd.log.
At least at FreeBSD I have to start ejabberd not with standart rc script, but directly with
# su - ejabberd -c "/usr/local/bin/ejabberd -noshell -s"
to see debug messages at _console_.

The head of ejabberd.hrl confirms this:
DEBUG message = io:format()
INFO_MSG message = error_logger:info_msg()

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