ejabberd_aliases - Simple JID aliases

Name: ejabberd_aliases
Purpose: Simple JID aliases
Author: Bercik
Type: Patch
Requirements: ?
I write simple and dirty ;-) JID alias system for ejabberd. 

It is 2 patch file:
 - ejabberd_alias_check.diff
 - ejabberd_alias_forward.diff 
and 1 shell script:
 - ejabberd_alias_check.sh

User can login for allias name, alias account have independent roadster and presence send 
only if user is login to alias. Admin can set alias flag who decide of stoage procedure 
(mor detalis about alias file syntax in ejabberd_alias_check.sh). 
In ejabberd_alias_check.diff and ejabberd_alias_forward.diff must be set path to ejabberd_alias_check.sh. 

More detalis about this system (unfortunately only in polish, now) on Description
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