ejabberd_ad - Authentication via Active Directory, vCard and Shared Roster

Name: ejabberd_ad
Purpose: Authentification via Active Directory
Author: Alex Gorbachenko, Stanislav Bogatyrev
Type: Patch
Requirements: ejabberd 1.0.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2
Download: ejabberd_ad homepage , Instructions and patch for ejabberd 1.1.2

I tried to make ejabberd work with AD. It works fine for me. :-)

The first version of patch for ejabberd-1.0.0 can be found here:ejabber_ad_001.patch.gz

Patch for ejabberd-1.1.1 : ejabber_ad_002.patch.gz

For ejabberd 1.1.2 you need only mod_shared_roster_ldap.erl.

Some brief instructions in Russian:
  • mod_vcard_ad - Support for vcard search and userinfo from AD
  • mod_shared_roster_ad - Support for shared roster, based on AD department description

small trouble. ad auth don't

small trouble.
ad auth don't work without special group for jabber users.

small patch that solve this problem:


{no_ad_group, 1} in ejabberd.cfg disable group checking.

Can you (or someone else) do this?

It would be great if it will create shared groups searching at basedn for AD groups and add them with all their members. Like Openfire do. It is simpler to create a few AD groups and manage them instead of filling 'Department' field for every user.

ejabberd does require to

ejabberd does require to fill a Department field. It allows you to manage group of users.
Not sure of what your suggestion is actually.

Mickaël Rémond

I mean that it would use

I mean that it would use Group LDAP object instead of Department field.
For example I have users Bob, Mary, John which are members of group "Managers". In AD it is simpler to manage members of the group, than manage Department fields of every user.

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