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I have installed or updated ejabberd or updated Erlang, and I get this error when I try to start it:

=INFO REPORT==== 27-Aug-2007::12:54:26 ===
    application: ejabberd
    exited: {bad_return,
    type: temporary


There are two probable reasons:

  • You have two different versions of Erlang/OTP installed.
  • Or you are trying to run ejabberd using an Erlang/OTP system too newer or too older than the version used to compile your ejabberd.

If you didn't update ejabberd or Erlang, but you updated ejabberd configuration, maybe your problem is this one: duplicate_child_name.


Make sure you only have an Erlang/OTP installed. Check you don't have directories with old Erlang libraries. Also, try to recompile ejabberd using the Erlang/OTP version you have currently installed.

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