flash-hack - Allow Flash Clients

Name: flash-hack
Purpose: Allow unstandard Adobe Flash 8 (and lower) based clients communication
Author: Magnus Henoch
Type: Patch
Requirements: ejabberd 1.1.1
Download: The original patch for ejabberd 1.1.x is in Bugzilla. The patches updated for newer ejabberd versions are available in EJAB-599

Bugs in Adobe Flash 8 and lower

Adobe Flash based Jabber clients are unable to comply with the XMPP standard in case Flash 8 or lower is used. Adobe Flash 9 fixes next bugs:

  • The opening stream header is <flash:stream xmlns:flash="http://www.jabber.com/streams/flash" /> (note prefix, namespace, and closing slash).
  • Every stanza sent by Flash client is null-terminated. Every stanza sent to Flash client must be null-terminated.
  • It puts version="1.0" on its stream header, but doesn't support SASL authentication.
Please use Flash 9 or higher and a recent XIFF version or the AS3 XMPP Library on Adobe Labs.

How to Apply this Patch?

  1. Download the patch to the ejabberd src/ directory. Apply the patch with this command:

    patch -p2<ejabberd-flash.patch
    patching file Makefile.in
    patching file configure.ac
    patching file ejabberd.hrl
    patching file ejabberd_c2s.erl
    Hunk #3 succeeded at 181 (offset 7 lines).
    Hunk #4 succeeded at 581 (offset 7 lines).
    Hunk #5 succeeded at 591 (offset 7 lines).
    Hunk #6 succeeded at 1233 (offset 8 lines).
    patching file expat_erl.c
    patching file jlib.hrl

    Do not worry if it reports several offset warnings. The important is that it does not reject any hunk.

  2. Recompile ejabberd from scratch with those commands:

    ./configure --enable-flash-hack
    make clean
  3. No changes are required on ejabberd.cfg. Just restart ejabberd and both standard clients and Flash clients will be able to connect to ejabberd.

  4. Xiffian includes an option to select the Jabber server type. Make sure to set this option as:

    Server type: "Jive/Wildfire - flash"

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Is there a patch for version 1.1.4?

Hi, is there any patch to the version 1.1.4 to make it work with flash clients?



Patch applied to Ubuntu package

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