Erlang User Conference 2016 Early Bird

The EUC takes place on 8-9 September, with one day of complimentary tutorials sponsored by Ericsson on 7 September and 7 days of expert training courses between 6 and 16 September. This year we have prepared an extensive training programme. Get your hands-on experience and choose from the following: Mnesia 6 September, Advanced Erlang Techniques 6 - 7 September, Phoenix Bootstrap 6-7 September, Erlang Test 7 September, Basic Erlang 12-14 September, Complete OTP 12-15 September, Elixir/OTP Bootcamp 12-15 September, Complete Erlang 12-16 September and Applied Erlang 15-16 September The Early Bird Rate is SEK 4200 + VAT. The standard ticket price will be SEK 4500 + VAT.

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