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Hello :)

I'm new to the XMPP scene and work since four weeks on a support chat solution. From pre-binding till anonymous login i cant found my ideal case...

That is what i want to do:

There are (i.e.) four support employees waiting for a customer which is starting a chat on the support website. The chat window on customer site should be pop up and no login is needed. One of the admins recognize that there is a customer and welcomes him with a message like "hello, how can i help you?"

Every customer who uses the chat can get an ID or a anonymous login number. It doesn't matter.
The important thing is that the customer does not have to type anything to login and is directly connected to an support employee.

Can someone help me here or has hints how I can implement it?


You can define two vhosts in

You can define two vhosts in ejabberd, one with internal auth for employees, other with anonymous auth for customers. You can use mod_shared_roster to display anonymous users in the roster of employees. But ejabberd doesn't provide any way to alert employees that a new anonymous account has connected.

If you require account registration in both vhosts, then you can enable the mod_register option called registration_watchers, so employees get a message like this when a new customer account gets registered:

11:50:01 [2017-08-18 11:50:00] The account user21@localhost was registered from IP address ::FFFF: on node ejabberd@localhost using mod_register.

In that case, you would need customers to use a client that automatically creates a random account, that will be used only for a few hours.

Hello badlop :) Thank you for

Hello badlop :)

Thank you for your answer. Sounds interesting and this is about the idea that I have. I will try it but the next challenge is to modified converse.js to automatically log in with anonymous credentials.

If you have an idea, let me know ;)

Thanks and regards

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