Save chat history


I need to save chat history each user, but I've not found how to configure it. I've ejabberd 17.03

Could you please help me?

Enable mod_mam, and configure

Enable mod_mam, and configure it with default: always.

In ejabberd-contrib git repository there are other two modules, but probably they don't work in recent ejabberd versions anymore: mod_log_chat and mod_logxml.

Thanks for your

Thanks for your answer.

Apology I am new in the configuration of ejabberd, where I enable mod_mam and how do I configure it to store the configuration of all users?, because I was reading and I do not find anything specific.

Add in the ejabberd

Add in the ejabberd configuration file, where all the other modules are enabled, this one:

    default: always

make sure the indentation of those lines is like the other modules. Then restart ejabberd.

Thanks, I was able to

Thanks, I was able to configure it.

How can I view archived messages ?, ejabberd is installed on windows server 2012

ejabberd does not provide any

ejabberd does not provide any fancy webpage, if that's what you ask. You can either search the database, or use a client with MAM support to request the archives using the corresponding XEP protocol

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